Blind Children Hunt for Easter Eggs That Make Noises in The Grass

The Easter eggs contained beepers to make them easy to locate.

For a special Easter celebration, visually impaired California children were invited to do their own egg hunt, where they searched for treasures that made noises. 

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Around 30 kids from the Blind Children's Learning center in Orange County were invited to participate in a special Easter egg hunt designed especially for the visually impaired.

According to KCBS, the eggs had beepers that made different sounds, helping the visually impaired children locate them. 

The kids were also invited to explore their senses of touch.

"Soft, huh?" Someone in the video can be heard saying as kids pet Blue, a rabbit with blue eyes and a gray-and- white coat.

Rosa Santos from Santa Ana said she was very touched that her 5-year-old son, Steven, was invited to the celebration.

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"It helps him because he's blind and he has hearing loss," Santos said.

The Easter bunny also made a guest appearance and took photos with the kids to complete the day of festivities.

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