Kate Middleton Pays a Covert Visit to Westminster Abbey

Kate Middleton paid a covert visit to Westminster Abbey last night, fueling speculation that the famed church will be the location of the royal wedding. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The princess bride makes a secret visit to the iconic church where she'll likely say "I do."

Kate Middleton was photographed last night during an ultra-private tour of Britain's famed Westminster Abbey, further fueling speculation that's where she and Prince William will wed.

The princess-to-be looked lovely in a white pea coat, flanked by royal advisors.

Westminster Abbey holds sentimental value for William. That's where his mother, Princess Diana's funeral was held.

And while some are still betting on July 8th for the royal wedding, a new report says the happy couple wants to get married as early as March. Just four months from now.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke with Amanda Holden, a judge with Simon Cowell on Britian's Got Talent, in front of Buckingham Palace, who said, "I think they'll go for classy and traditional, but definitely they'll be spending a little bit of money on it."

She says the royal nuptials will be filled with glitz and glamor, despite reports that the wedding will be toned down.

McInerney asked Holden, "During such tough economic times, how can they justify having such an opulent wedding?"

Holden said, "I think the royals will do us proud. I think it's all well to say it's a recession, we have to watch our purse strings, but there will be criticism if they kind of cut corners. I don't know whether it will be ostentatious but it will be quite grand because it's royal."

One thing there may not be is a Cinderella-style horse and carriage on wedding day, like the one Princess Diana and Charles rode in.

"Kate is allergic to horses, so no horse and carriages pulling them along. She'll be sneezing all the way if they have that, which is not a good look for a bride," said Holden.

And after seeing some just-surfaced photos of the bride and groom boogying, some are saying that William and Kate "have to improve on his moves" before their first dance as husband and wife.

Meantime, William's touching decision to propose with his late mother's engagement ring is now sparking concern. London's Daily Mail says the sapphire and diamond sparkler ensures that Kate will be forever "haunted by Diana's shadow."

McInerney asked Holden, "Is there a feeling she will forever be in Diana's shadow?"

Holden said, "I thought it was a really beautiful, romantic idea. Then when I saw the old news footage of Diana wearing that ring, it made me think twice about whether that ring was a good idea. Hopefully Kate and William will be able to wipe the slate clean of any bad memories that ring might hold."