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Not So Lonely Anymore! Strangers Travel From Across The World to Join Papaw For Burgers

Kenny Harmon, whose sad photo went viral, was joined by a thousand people at an Easter barbecue.

Papaw is not eating burgers alone anymore.

Grandfather Kenny Harmon, known to the world as “Papaw” was with his grandchildren eating burgers over the weekend.

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“My grandchildren have always been very, very special to me. Very, very special,” he said.

It wasn’t just Papaw’s grandchildren that came; a few thousand people also arrived to have burgers with Harmon. Some even drove as far as Oregon and Florida to Oklahoma to have dinner with the 66-year-old. One person even came all the way from Hong Kong.

“I am one happy Papaw. This is one of the happiest days of our family's life,” he said.

Last month, Papaw was photographed at home in Norman, Oklahoma eating by himself after he invited his six grandkids to a burger dinner, only one grandkid, Kelsey, 19, showed up.

She posted the lonely picture on social media with the message: "Dinner with papaw tonight. He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. Love him.”

The internet went bonkers and lashed out at the photograph.

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Once the story gained traction, Papaw chalked it up to miscommunication and it wasn’t the grandkids fault, it was his son, Ryan who forgot to tell them about the dinner.

Ryan said: “My wife came to me and said the cookout last night is all over the internet. And I said: “I forgot to tell our kids.’ And she said: ‘That's what's on the internet. That our kids no-showed Papaw.’

Now, thousands have had dinner with Papaw, possibly because he reminded them of their own grandfather.

One woman, Maria, lost her granddad a few months ago. She said: “Anytime I came home I tried to see him as much as possible. Now I don't have the opportunity anymore. It's important that grandchildren who live in the area take the time. Because they aren't always going to be around.”

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