Terminally Ill Dog is Treated to Bucket List After His Owner Dies

Buddy, a 14-year-old Labrador mix who lost his owner and was then diagnosed with cancer, is living his last days to the fullest.

A 14-year-old Michigan Labrador mix is getting treated to a lifetime of experiences after a series of unfortunate turns left him lonely and depressed.

While he was fortunate enough to be spared from the shelter and taken in by a rescue group that places dogs in foster homes, Buddy was listless following the loss of his lifetime owner.

Eat a pup cup with his best friends. ✅

Posted by Buddy's Bucket List on Sunday, March 27, 2016

What's more, rescuers at A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue noticed some bumps on Buddy's body after taking him in. A visit to the vet confirmed the worst -- Buddy has terminal cancer.

"Instead of us getting sad, we decided to celebrate his life," Rejoyceful founder Michelle Heyza told InsideEdition.com.

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With the help of rescue volunteer Loren Cazan, who personally adopted the pooch, Heyza and her team decided to give Buddy a bucket list of amazing experiences and check off as many as possible before his time on earth comes to a close.

Buddy met the Easter Bunny today! Thank you to Nino's on Hall Rd in Clinton Twp, MI for coming out to take a photo! ✅

Posted by Buddy's Bucket List on Saturday, March 26, 2016

So far, Buddy has gone on a puppy date with a fellow senior dog named Kayla, gone to the beach, eaten ice cream at Dairy Queen, become an honorary firehouse dog, and met the Easter bunny.

"All these things that any dog would want to do," Heyza said.

Yet to be accomplished are a dip in the lake (which is still too cold) and to people watch in the park.

But the biggest item on Buddy's bucket list is appearing on the Ellen Show. His rescuers have reached out to the show's producers.

Here are some photos of our Bucket List so far:1) Get Adopted ✅2) Chase a flock of geese ✅3) Overdose on peanut...

Posted by Buddy's Bucket List on Saturday, March 26, 2016

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For now, they have their fingers crossed for the grand prize. Until then, Buddy has lots of fun things he's yet to experience.

And hopefully internet fame is one of them. Buddy's story has gotten plenty of attention in recent days. So much attention, in fact, that his rescuers had to start a Facebook page just for Buddy to accommodate all the updates.

Heyza hopes Buddy's exposure will help educate people about the importance of adopting older dogs.

"Hopefully his story can help inspire another person to adopt a senior dog," she said.

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