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Watch Veteran Captain Dunk Rookie Rival Into the Water During Argument

An exclusive clip shows the drama on the new season of "Deadliest Catch."

A veteran captain took out his frustrations on a rookie rival by lowering him into the water during a heated argument.

Newcomer Jake Anderson hopes to prove himself as captain in the new season of "Deadliest Catch" after breaking free from the grip of Sig Hansen, the veteran captain of the F/V Northwestern.

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But as an exclusive clip from season 12 shows, Hansen isn't impressed with Anderson's attempts to lead his crew on the Saga. He torments the younger man when he's forced to paint the side of his boat from a tote after none of his team would.

"Look at that clown!" Hansen shouts. "That's something you do when you're on deck and you're 20 years old, not when you're captain... You can lead by example. That's the wrong example."

Anderson tells him he's trying to set an example for his crew, but Hansen isn't impressed - and orders Anderson's tote to be lowered. Despite his protests, the younger captain is repeatedly dunked in the water, much to the joy of the men above.

The 12th season of the hit show follows a new generation trying to prove themselves as they fish in the Bering Sea. Hansen isn't convinced they have the guts to make it.

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"When I look around at the new guys, there is a lot of opportunity but not a lot of promise," Hansen said. “I don’t see as much fear as I would have hoped to see. They don’t seem fearful because in their mind, there is nothing to fear. At sea, you find out what a guy is made out of. Not everyone makes the cut."

Be sure to check out the 2-hour season 12 premiere of "Deadliest Catch," airing Tuesday, March 29 at 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel.

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