Cat Accidentally Mailed Across England And Survives 8 Days In A Box

Cupcake the Siamese cat traveled 250 miles across England in the mail. The vet who treated her said: "She was really lucky. Really."

This Siamese is one tough cat.

After being accidentally put in the mail and shipped for 8 days, Cupcake the cat is alive and well.

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Cupcake's owner Julie Baggot from the U.K. was trying to mail DVDs from Cornwall in southwestern England, to West Sussex, in south-central England when Cupcake got herself stuck in the box.

"It was a pretty big box," Baggot admitted. "She'd obviously just fallen asleep in there."

After the 250-mile journey across England, the recipient of the box found Cupcake, and contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.

Vets were then able to trace Cupcake's owners through the cat's microchip.

Ben Colwell, a West Sussex veterinarian, treated Cupcake upon arrival.

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"She was quite dehydrated, obviously really scared," Colwell said. "We worry when they've not eaten for a few days that they can get jaundice when they start to break down their fat stores, but she wasn't. She was lovely and pink, so she was really lucky. Really."

"It's a miracle she was alive, and she's managed to survive that awful ordeal," Baggot said.

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