Freshman Is Mortified When Her Parents Show Up At the School Dance

"Beth specifically asked us not to chaperone. As soon as we heard that, my wife and I knew exactly what to do," Beth Bagley's father said.

If being a freshman in high school isn't embarrassing enough, wait until your parents show up at your school dance.

Ninth grader Beth Bagley was mortified when her parents showed up at her high school dance, and captured her reaction on camera.

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When she noticed her parents approach her dancing group of friends, Beth can be seen letting out a blood curling scream.

Her father, Judd Bagley told he knew she would be embarrassed when he hit the 'record' button: "Feigning being overly dramatic like that is certainly part of her sense of humor, but she really did put a little more into it than we expected."

Which was exactly why her parents decided to drop in on her mid-dance: "We knew we'd arrive with just a few minutes left in the dance, but figured she'd really be loosened up by then and it would be the best possible time to see her in action."

"Beth specifically asked us not to chaperone," Bagley said, including that he and his wife often chaperone their children's activities, "as soon as we heard that, my wife and I knew exactly what to do."

In fact, Beth's parents often pull embarrassing pranks all in good fun.

"My wife and I would do funny things as [her bus] passed, like wave while wearing our bathrobes or other costumes," Bagley told

Thankfully, Beth is a good sport to her parents' goofy antics.

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"[She] told us how funny she decided the whole thing was," Bagley said. "She spent a few moments telling us we were lame, but was interrupted by her friends spontaneously applauding us."

"Her friends told her we were the cool parents for going to the trouble to show up and joke with her."

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