Rescued Otter Flies To New Home On Private FedEx Jet, Dines on Shrimp

Oliver the otter was even treated to a three-room suite at a nearby hotel when their connection flight was delayed.

When a rescue otter pup needed to be transported to a forever home across the country, FedEx decided to take up the shipping challenge.

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The otter, named Oliver, was around 4 weeks old when he was found near a Tampa gas station in February. Kris Porter from the Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife said she thinks somebody must have taken him out of a nest when he was young.

"Baby otters are never sweet and kind, but this one actually walked up to people at a convenience store," Porter said. She had originally tried to socialize Oliver with other otters, but he was more interested in human attention, which led Porter to believe he would not be suited to return to the wild.

She reached out to different aquariums in search of a new home for the pup, and received a response from the Denver Zoo.

"They were beyond excited for it," Porter said told The only problem was that the Denver Zoo was across the country.

Without hesitation, FedEx came to the rescue.

"FedEx picked up on it right away," Porter told

The shipping company loaded the otter and his caretaker into a FedEx jet, and they were on their way, with Porter in the jumpseat and Oliver right beneath her.

"[Oliver] took it all in step. He never stressed," she said.

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The journey was safe and comfortable, Porter said, including that she commends the courier jet for their legroom.

But, the pup and his caretaker were paused during their layover in Memphis. Denver International Airport was snowed out, and they were not able to continue their next leg of travel until the following morning.

"They actually put me and Oliver in the pilot's room," Porter told "When Denver closed, they put us up for the night in Memphis."

Porter and the otter pup were booked in a three-room suite in a nearby hotel. Because Porter had only packed a day's worth of food for Oliver, the hotel restaurant sent up "the most gorgeous shrimp [Oliver's] ever seen." 

"FedEx set it all up, I just went with the flow," Porter laughed.

The otter also seemed to enjoy the pampering, according to Porter: "When he got in the room, he played and he ate. He probably got more sleep than me!"

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Oliver the now-9-week-old otter made it safe and sound to the Denver Zoo, where he is currently set up behind the scenes before he joins his new friends, Emmett and Slater, in the Otter Exhibit.

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