From Hostage Situations to Burning Buildings, Here Are The Most Inappropriate Selfies

A man grinned next to the EgyptAir hijacker in just the latest inappropriate selfie.

Welcome to the golden age of the inappropriate selfie.

During the EgyptAir hijacking on Tuesday morning, a British man named Ben Innes snapped a selfie with suspected hijacker Seif Eldin Mustafa.

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Mustafa was apparently wearing a fake suicide belt as he allegedly hijacked the plane, which was flying from Alexandria to Cairo. It made an emergency landing in Cyprus.

The 26-year-old Brit's photo is just the latest in a string of what many consider inappropriate selfies, with some going as far as cracking a smile in front of burning buildings.

Pop culture expert Dr. Cooper Lawrence told INSIDE EDITION: "Some of the selfies we have seen have gone off the charts and way too far."

During an emergency onboard a plane flying over Colorado in July 2015, passengers took selfies as they put on oxygen masks. Fortunately, they were brought to safety.

One young woman who had been injured in an accident snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook while she lay in the ambulance.

A young man thought it necessary to take a selfie at his grandmother's funeral, snapping a photo as his deceased grandma lay in a casket in the background.

Even President Barack Obama get into trouble when he and two other world leaders posed for a selfie in the middle of Nelson Mandela's funeral in 2013.

And in November, proud dad Gil Solano snapped a selfie as his wife gave birth to their baby girl.

His wife told IE she thought the oddly timed selfie was “hilarious.”

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In 2014, a young law school student, Nyjah Cousar, shot a nude-shower selfie for her boyfriend and accidentally sent it to her own father.

"The moral of the story is just, don't send naked pictures," Nyjah told IE in 2014 with a sigh.

But in instances of tragedy and disaster, snapping a selfie communicates a very specific message, Lawrence said. 

"The message we are sending to the world is 'We are really insensitive and we have no empathy whatsoever,'" Lawrence said. "It is just so inappropriate." 

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