See Inside O.J. Simpson's Life of Leisure After His Acquittal

Footage shows Simpson enjoying rounds of golf.

After his 1995 acquittal of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, O.J. Simpson lost no time getting back to a lifestyle of ease and luxury.

In rarely seen video, he gave an intimate look at his trophy room and the spot where he shot pool.

He also drove his children, Sydney and Justin, then aged 12 and 9, to their private school, telling cameras: “My admiration for single parents has gone through the roof!”

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Simpson seemed to have lost little of his charm and charisma after the trial.

Crowds of tourists clamored to meet him outside his mansion in Brentwood and fans would greet him like a hero as he ate a quiet meal in a restaurant. 

But he was no longer welcome at exclusive Los Angeles golf clubs, so instead, he settled for public courses with a new set of friends.

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“You've got to try to take it with a smile and grin and bear it!” he said to cameras. 

But Simpson's alleged quick-tempered, nature didn't stay hidden for long, as footage showed him attacking an INSIDE EDITION cameraman on a Los Angeles golf course in 1997.

That same year, O.J. Simpson was found liable in a civil trial for the deaths of Brown and Goldman.

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