Basketball Wives Star's Advice for Eva Longoria

The wife of an NBA player says she understands what Eva Longoria is going through because her own husband cheated on her. INSIDE EDITION reports. 

"My marriage? Every day is definitely a struggle. We go through ups and downs!" said Jennifer Williams.

This basketball wife knows what Longoria is going through with her impending divorce from Tony Parker.

"I was very saddened by it. I thought it was unfortunate, because they were like the perfect couple," said Jennifer.

Like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Williams is married to a basketball star, and like Eva, she's had some marital ups and downs with her husband, Eric Williams. Their problems are hardly a secret. They argue about them on Vh1's hit reality TV series Basketball Wives.

"You wanna be in this relationship? You're the one who's unhappy!" argued Eric on the reality show.

Jennifer shot back, "You put me through a lot!"

Jennifer got to know Eva Longoria when both their husbands were playing for the San Antonio Spurs.

"Eva did fit in with the other wives and she was very down to earth. Like, she didn't come with this Hollywood drama. She's definitely a cool girl," said Jennifer.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd interviewed Jennifer and asked, "How tough is it to be married to an NBA player?

"You know, it's very difficult, because people don't understand. They just really see the glitz and the glamour. We deal with women throwing themselves at our husbands all the time," said Jennifer.

"What's your message to Eva?" asked Boyd.

"I definitely feel for her. I hope that she can somehow move past this," said Jennifer.