Seth Meyers Returns to Hosting Duties After Wife Gives Birth to First Child

The comedian is a dad and is very emotional about it.

Seth Meyers returned to his hosting duties on Late Night after he and his wife Alexi welcomed a baby boy on Easter Sunday.

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The comedian got emotional talking about the birth of his first child: “It's the most fantastic thing. I was so taken.”

He revealed that his son is named after two important women in his life.

“We had our son and named our son Ash, which is my wife's maiden name. I can't picture a better way to honor what my wife did than naming him after her,” the 42-year-old said. “The middle name is Olson, my mother's maiden name. To be able to name him after those two women..."

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He also told his audience that his wife gave birth with no drugs and that the scene in the hospital was rather funny.

He said: “My wife was in a place where bunny ears could not affect her mood,” and that he could not stop laughing in the delivery room because “half of the people in the room were wearing bunny ears.”

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