Prince William and Kate Middleton's Past Breakup

INSIDE EDITION takes a look back at the break up of William and Kate, and how they fell in love again.

The bliss of a young couple in love, but the upcoming wedding of the century came close to never happening.

Back in 2007, Kate and William called it quits after five years of dating.

Elaine Lipworth, a friend of the royal family, told INSIDE EDITION why they broke up.

"They had met at university at St. Andrew's, fallen madly in love with each other, but they broke up to really just check that they were right for each other. Kate was very upset," said Lipworth.

William's "immaturity" was said to be a major factor, which the couple alluded to this week.

"We were just very young at the time," said Prince William.

"I, at the time, wasn't very happy about it, but it made me a better person; I learned a lot about myself," said Kate.

During their split, William reportedly dated a string of beauties. He met many young socialites on the polo circuit.

Kate didn't stay home licking her wounds. She was seen on the London party circuit with the handsome heir to a British shipping fortune.  

After a few months, William decided Kate was the girl for him. A short time later, Kate sat in the royal box with the prince at the Princess Diana memorial concert, although at a discreet distance.

"They got back together, and they finally knew they were the right people for each other," said Lipworth.

Now, three years later, the world is looking forward to a royal wedding for the ages.