Here's How The Rest of The World Sees Donald Trump

Trump isn't just making waves in America.

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump generates headlines all over the world, but it's not for acting presidential.

In Germany, he is beginning to scare people, according to Carsten Mierke, the U.S. bureau chief for television channel RTL.

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"It started with some kind of entertainment, because nobody thought Donald Trump was going to get that far," he told IE.  "Now it changes to fear, a little bit," he said.

In Mexico, pinatas made in Trump's likeness are big sellers. His comments about Mexicans and building a wall to keep them out of the United States has won him few admirers south of the border.

Britain's Parliament debated banning him from the country because of his "dangerous" and "poisonous" views, as some members put it.

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A German newspaper depticted the bombastic billionaire as an infant throwing a "tan-Trump." In the United Arab Emirates, a cartoonist called "Trumpenstein," and a Bulgaria illustrator depicted him as a caveman dragging a woman and the Republican Party's mascot elephant behind him.

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