Uber Driver Disguises Himself as Batman, Picks Up Passengers in Lamborghini 'Batmobile'

"Somebody asked if they had to pay more," Lin laughed, "because it's a freaking Lamborghini."

Even Batman has a day job. When he's not protecting Gotham City from evil, he gives people rides as an Uber driver.

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Youtuber JoshPalerLin took to the streets in one of his classic pranks --- this time, he was disguised as Batman.

His Batmobile? A Lamborghini Aventador, even though his profile listed a Prius.

"I can't imagine who would reject a Lamborghini over a Prius," Lin said to InsideEdition.com, "Now that would be funny."

Sure enough, his passengers were still hesitant to get in, insisting they had ordered a Prius.

Lin told IE.com that some passengers took more convincing than others. In some cases, he had to call his client using Uber's app, to prove he was the hired driver.

"Somebody asked if they had to pay more," Lin laughed, "because it's a freaking Lamborghini."

He told IE.com he'd wanted to try the prank for a long time - to pose as a seasoned Uber driver, and pick up clients in luxury cars he borrowed from friends.

"I was originally going to use a regular Ferrari, and I figured Batman's going to be sick, and the movie is coming out, so it's perfect timing," Lin said.

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Perhaps the Dark Knight should look into other means of earning money. Lin told IE.com he still hasn't checked how much Uber paid him for his day of work.

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