John Kasich Defends Himself After He's Caught Eating Pizza With a Fork and Knife

He insisted that the pizza was hot.

John Kasich has "defended” himself after he was caught eating pizza with a fork and knife during a visit to Queens, New York.

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The Ohio governor defended himself on Good Morning America on Thursday, saying: "Look, the pizza came scalding hot, ok? And so I use a little fork.”

He ate the slice on Wednesday afternoon at Gino's pizzeria in Howard Beach after he had a town hall at a nearby church. Kasich also gave out free pizza to surprised customers at the restaurant. 

The presidential hopeful hails from the Midwest, where it's customary to eat pizza with a knife and fork in many areas.

But Kasich isn't the first to be guilty of the New York pizza faux pas. Donald Trump and Sarah Palin also ate a slice in Times Square with a fork and knife in 2011.

Jon Stewart had a field day with the incident on The Daily Show back then in an eight-minute long bit.

At the end of the segment, the then-host of the Comedy Central program pulled out a slice to show the former Alaska governor and real estate tycoon how to properly eat a slice of New York pizza.

Even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was spotted eating pizza with utensils in 2014.

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The mayor was at Goodfellas Italian restaurant in Staten Island when he was photographed eating a pie with a fork and knife. A writer at New York magazine called the incident a “disaster.” It even inspired the trending topic #ForkGate.

Jon Stewart hit back again in another episode of the Daily Show. He said: “It is the greatest sin a New Yorker could do, next to, obviously, doing carnal things with an onion bagel.”

A new poll in Wisconsin from Marquette Law School shows Ted Cruz leading Trump 40 percent to 30 percent. John Kasich trails with 21 percent - and his pizza eating skills may not endear him to New Yorkers.

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