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Woman Dials 911 After Pizzeria Mixes Up Toppings

The woman who identified herself as Ashley explained: "I ordered a small pizza half cheese and half bacon and they bring me half hamburger."

When a local pizzeria reportedly gave a customer the wrong toppings, she reacted to the emergency the only way she knew how: she dialed 911.

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On a recording of the 911 call, the woman told the dispatcher that she had ordered a small pizza - half cheese, half bacon - from Empire Pizza in Hartford, Connecticut. Instead, she was handed a pie with half cheese, half hamburger, she said.

When she demanded her dough back, she certainly got a pizza the dispatcher's mind.

"I have a question," the customer, who identified herself as Ashley, said. "If I order a pizza and they don't wanna give me my money back, can you guys do something?"

The confused dispatcher replied: "Ma'am, um, I'm not sure. That's something you have to take up with them, but that's not something you would dial 911 for. 911 is for life-threatening emergencies only."

But it seemed the dispatcher bit off more than she could chew. Despite the explanation, Ashley pressed on.

"I ordered a small pizza - half cheese and half bacon - and they bring me half hamburger," She said. "So I called them back and they don't want to give my money back. They keep hanging [up] on me."

The dispatcher clarified: "Okay, yeah, that's not a police matter."

But she insisted she'd like an officer involved, saying if the pizzeria was able to call the police "when I went over there and started arguing," she should be able to enlist the help of an officer too.

As the call shows, the dispatcher finally gave in, and said she can have an officer meet her outside the pizzeria. "Don't go in and say anything to them until you speak with an officer," she said.

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It is unclear what happened.

Officers also did not comment on whether she has been charged for misusing 911, WFSB reported.

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