Kate Middleton Throws Bachelorette Party

Kate Middleton celebrated her engagement at an unofficial bachelorette party with 12 girlfriends that went into the wee hours of the morning. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The partying begins for the Princess bride! Kate Middleton celebrated her engagement to Prince William with an early bachelorette bash, called a 'Hen Party' in Britain.

Kate hosted a luxurious dinner party for 12 girlfriends at the posh Clarence House, a royal home in London, where the girls reportedly toasted the bride until the wee hours.

"I would imagine there was lots of champagne flowing," said Amanda Holden.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke to Holden, a Judge on Britain's Got Talent outside Westminster Abbey, which is likely the sight of the royal wedding.

McInerney asks, "What else can you tell us about Kate's celebration?"

"A huge catering van turned up. I don't know if they were there so she could discuss possible catering for the weeding or whether they were there to do some nibble bites to go with the bubbly. I have no doubt she was drinking with her girlfriends," Holden said.

We're also getting the first look inside the log cabin in Kenya where Kate and William had their fairytale engagement. The rustic hut has no electricity and stark furniture, just a simple four poster bed and three couches covered in worn blankets.

"He could propose anywhere in the world. Why this cabin?" McInerney asks.

"It's very remote. You can only get there by helicopter. I think the main reason is the privacy and he also is so relaxed there and doesn't have to stand on ceremony," Holden said.
A just surfaced video of the newly engaged couple leaving the hut with their security detail in a caravan of SUVs. Kate clearly enjoyed her stay in the isolated cabin where William slipped a sapphire and diamond sparkler on her ring finger.

In the guest book she wrote: Thank you for such a wonderful 24 hours! I love the warm fires and candle lights-- so romantic!  Catherine Middleton.

And Holden is betting that her fellow Judge Simon Cowell is likely to score an invite to the wedding of the century.

"Let's face it, he is practically the King of England, so yes, I think they'll have a throne in a little VIP area for him in there," she said.

McInerney asks, "Will President and Michelle Obama be there?"

"Oh gosh yeah! America will be there. They're our biggest allies," she joked.

And there is already buzz that Kate and William will start their royal family right after the big wedding.

"She's got an awful lot on her plate. And to be a new mom and a Princess is a lot to handle in the first year. I would wait until I was at least 30 if I was her," Holden said.