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Giant Panda Cub Poses for a Selfie With Caretaker

Manyuemei notices the camera, and immediately wraps its paw around the caretaker's shoulder.

Who doesn't love a good selfie?

Video footage captured a giant panda cub spending quality time with its keeper, which included taking a few selfies to commemorate the day.

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Manyuemei the giant panda can be seen affectionately posing with its foster father at the Dujianyan's Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center in the Sichuan province in China.

After kisses and backscratches, the caretaker the pulled out his cell phone to take a selfie.

Manyuemei, whose name translates to 'cranberry' in Chinese, immediately crawled up behind him, and places his paw around his shoulder.

Manyuemei even wanted to check the photos after, making sure they showed off its good side, CCTV showed.

The Dujiangyan base is one of three branches of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

The conservation is home to over 170 pandas, making it the largest captive-bred panda operation in the world.

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Earlier this month, two pandas from the Dujiangyan base were flown to South Korea on a 15-year lease. To resettle the pandas Yuan Xin and Hua Ni to the new environment, the pandas' caretaker packed with them 330 pounds of Sichuan bamboo, according to CCTV.

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