Ultrasound Captures Little Dude Flashing Peace Sign in Mother's Womb

Sonogram shows Boston couple they're expecting a boy, and he's flashing the peace sign.

Janine and Ryan Godfrey are having a boy, and according to his latest ultrasound photo, he's one chill dude.

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The Boston couple's 4-month-old fetus appears to be flashing the peace sign in his new in utero image.

Janine didn't catch the moment while she was lying in the medical technician's office with her belly covered in gel. "I was too busy looking at other parts" of the baby on the monitor, she told InsideEdition.com.

"The baby's moving around, raising his hands," she said. "I didn't see it. The tech was dying over there. She said 'Look at him now. He's giving the peace sign.'"

Even then, she said, "My husband and I were like, 'Um, is the heart OK?"' she said, laughing.

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She shared the photo with her brother-in-law, WBZ-TV anchor David Wade. The station wrote a brief story about the image, and posted it to Facebook.

"Baby is motioning his hand like a gun and will be suspended from day care earlier," wrote one tongue-in-cheek poster.

Janine has taken to calling her first child, who's due in August, "my famous fetus," she joked. "He's funny," she said.

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