Deputy Pulls Over His Wife for Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

She was pulled over for driving in the carpool lane alone - but it turns out she did have a passenger after all.

When a California deputy pulled over a woman for driving in a carpool lane without passengers, it was far from a routine traffic stop.

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As a video shared by Orange County Sheriff's Department shows, the driver turned out to be the deputy's wife - and she was carrying a passenger after all.

Deputy Sheriff Mike Wigginton and his wife, who recorded the interaction, used the video to announce they are expecting a baby.

The footage shows Wigginton pulling over his wife and saying she would be getting a ticket for driving in the HOV lane.

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At first, she acts as though he's kidding, but the officer’s deadpan delivery ensures he was being very serious.

But she insists she wasn't in violation because she was indeed carrying a passenger. She handed him a piece of paper, which he held up to the camera - and it showed that they're expecting a baby this September.

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