More on Eva and Tony's Shocking Split

INSIDE EDITION reports on surprising video of Eva Longoria in a fun-filled spoof with the very woman Tony Parker reportedly had a relationship with.

It's Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker spoofing the movie Grease.

The couple gives Olivia Newton John and John Travolta a run for their money re-enacting the classic number, "Summer Nights."

The video was part of a promotional campaign for Parker's basketball team the San Antonio Spurs. And get this, the woman at the center of Longoria's divorce drama, Erin Barry also appears in the video, as bad girl Rizzo and even kicks Longoria off the bench.

It's an eerie parallel to what some are saying happened in real life. Erin, the wife of Parker's former teammate Brent Barry, allegedly exchanged hundreds of sexually explicit text messages with Parker over a seven month period. A source close to Parker claims he "flirted" with Erin, but they did not have a "physical relationship."

But the Chicago Sun Times today quotes a friend of Longoria's as saying, "she's got the goods on Tony and Erin, that's for sure."

We're also learning more about that now famous moment when Longoria lovingly sat on her husband's lap during an appearance on Ellen just 4 weeks ago.

"While Tony and Eva put on a great front for everyone, those of us close to Eva knew things weren't going well," said Longoria's friend to the Chicago Sun Times.

Erin Barry's husband filed for divorce just last month, listing only their initials to keep their identity private.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with some women who know what it's like to be married to sport stars.

"I think everyone here knows a woman that's been cheated on."

They're the stars of Football Wives, the VH1 show that premiers Sunday.

"The stereotype is an athlete that has lots of money, that gets away with anything, that cheats," said one wife.

Now as two high profile marriages break apart, it looks as though those summer nights are turning into a winter of despair for Eva Longoria.