See First Ever Wonder Woman React to Her Character's Costume in 'Batman V. Superman'

Cathy Lee Crosby revealed why she doesn't like the way Wonder Woman is portrayed.

Before Lynda Carter, TV had another Wonder Woman – Cathy Lee Crosby.

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She starred in the highly rated 1974 TV movie, Wonder Woman.

She told IE's Jim Moret that she thought the rather conservative costume was "interesting” and “colorful."

The success of the TV movie led to the popular series starring Carter, who had a much sexier costume.

But none of them comes close to the provocative outfit worn by the Wonder Woman of 2016, played by actress Gal Godot, in the blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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And how about the new costume for the character, a metallic brown with a small dark brown leather skirt? 

She was clearly taken aback. "Ooh," she said, after a pause.

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