7-Week-Old Baby Snatched From Mall is Found Safe Thanks To Neighbors' Help

Ahsir Simmons was taken from a Philadelphia mall.

A suburban Philadelphia woman kidnapped a seven-week-old baby at a shopping mall after befriending the child’s mother, police said.

Amber alerts led neighbors and family members of the suspect to contact police, and baby Ahsir Simmons was home with his mom just a few hours later, authorities said.

Cherie Amoore, 32, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and child concealment and was expected to appear in court Friday, The Associated Press reported.

Police said the woman struck up a conversation with mom Malika Turner inside the King of Prussia mall outside Philadelphia. Turner, who had her other children with her, walked with Amoore to the food mall, according to authorities. 

When Ahsir began fussing, Amoore asked to hold the baby, police said. As the mother took a phone call, Amoore walked away, and was seen on surveillance tape exiting the mall while cradling the baby in her arms, police said. 

Investigators say they were led to Amoore’s apartment after family members contacted authorities saying the woman claimed she had just given birth.

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