Helicopter Video Shows Kids Forming Human Arrow to Help Cops Nab Burglary Suspects

Kids hunting Easter eggs form human arrow to show cops the way two suspects were headed.

A group of kids became real-life super heroes when they helped cops catch two suspected bad guys.

About 30 British children and adults were out on an Easter egg hunt in Surrey when a police helicopter began circling overhead. 

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The National Police Air Service chopper was dispatched following a report of burglars at an abandoned building, authorities said Monday.

"Initially, the presence of the police helicopter was enough to entertain the children and parents, but it didn't take the intrepid residents long to realize they were witnessing a police pursuit," a police spokesman said, The Guardian reported.

So what is a group of pint-sized crime fighters to do? Why drop to the ground, of course!

 "The children quickly formed an arrow on the ground in the middle of a plowed field to guide the helicopter in the direction of the fleeing pair," the spokesman said. 

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"The helicopter crew relayed this information to officers on the ground and a short time later, two men were arrested," he said.

The crew later landed and shared some chocolate with the children and their parents, police said.

The two men arrested face burglary charges and have been released on bail. They are due back in court on May 13, authorities said.

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