Saturday Night Live Skewers Female Trump Supporter: "Crazy don't break!"

In this week's cold open, Saturday Night Live did an unflattering rendition of CNN's resident Donald Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes

Donald Trump's CNN resident supporter was skewered in this week's Saturday Night Life cold open

Cecily Strong portrayed Scottie Neil Hughes, the blonde and unflappable Trump campaign surrogate who appears on the cable news network just about every day to serve as a counterpoint to critics who call Trump's campaign offensive and unorthodox.

And that's exactly how SNL's spoof began as CNN's At This Hour host Kate Bolduan, played by Kate McKinnon, grilled Hughes on the presidential contender's attitude toward women.

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“As a woman, I like Donald Trump," Hughes explained. "But, as a full blown nut job I freaking love him!”

The sketch continued as Bolduan became increasingly exasperated with Hughes' apparent unwillingness to admit to any of Trump's faults.

“Of course Donald loves women, he is a father to a woman,” Bolduan maintained, as they cut to a spoof of a Trump rally in which the candidate discusses his own daughter's breasts.

"She just had a baby, so can you imagine that rack now? It is just tremendous," said Trump, as portrayed by Darrell Hammond.

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In spite of their repulsiveness, Hughes defended Trump's remarks one again. "At least Donald is talking about women. He is creating a dialog about women."

"You can't break me, Kate. Because I'm crazy," Hughes said in the end. "And crazy don't break."

On Sunday morning on the real CNN, the real Scottie Neil Hughes was given a chance to defend herself in response to the SNL sendup.

"First of all," Hughes said of the slightly less blonde SNL version of herself, "I said 'Oh my god I have roots.' And she better have a southern accent. That look was so 2015, SNL. Update it, I've cut my hair."

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