Chihuahua Leads Cops on a 'High-Speed Pursuit' Across Bridge

The California Highway Patrol said the Chihuahua did not get a ticket, but they did give him a verbal warning that went: "Woof, woof, WOOF!"

No one escapes arrest... and that goes for Chihuahuas, too.

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Officers from the California Highway Patrol were led on a wild dog chase when a Chihuahua was spotted running across a San Francisco bridge on Sunday morning.

High speed pursuit of ? this morning on the #BayBridge! Suspect taken into custody. All are safe! #onlyinSF

— CHP San Francisco (@CHPSanFrancisco) April 3, 2016

According to officials, the dog, now nicknamed Ponch after an officer from the TV show CHiPs, was seen running against traffic on the Bay Bridge, from Oakland toward San Francisco.

Footage shows officers tailing the Chihuahua in both a motorcycle and a police car.

No other cars were on the bridge at the time, and the tiny dog was seen crossing from lane to lane until he was eventually collared and brought to the San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

The CHP tweeted that the black Chihuahua did not receive a ticket, but they did give him a verbal warning that went: "Woof, woof, WOOF!"

The dog was reportedly not microchipped. He was wearing a tag with a skull but no other identification or contact information.

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Officials have not yet reported whether the dog has been returned to its owner, but encourage locals to contact the San Francisco Animal Care and Control with any information.

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