After Safety Scares, Trump Wears a Bulletproof Vest That Leaves Him 'Spent': Report

The magazine looks deep inside his unorthodox campaign.

Following safety scares, Donald Trump wears a bulletproof vest that leaves him "spent," according to a new report.

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The revelation comes from a New York magazine cover story, headlined "Operation Trump: Inside The Most Unorthodox Campaign in Political History.”

The article says the bulky vest is the reason Trump is "sweaty and spent after events."

Concern over Trump's personal safety was fueled by security scares, including an incident in March when a protester stormed the stage in Ohio.

The article also claims that the vest could be the reason behind his "raggedness." It says that with his non-stop schedule, he is “burnt out.”

“People who know Trump say they’ve never seen him so tired,” the article said.

Journalist Gabriel Sherman explains the unconventional nature of the GOP frontrunner’s campaign in the article. Trump does not use traditional pollsters, media coaches or speechwriters. He does not rely on focus groups and writes his own tweets, the report says.

Trump told Sherman: “I am a strategist.”

The writer called Trump: “One of the greatest political savants of the modern era.”

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Trump is on the campaign trail on Monday in Wisconsin. His wife Melania will join him as he seeks to improve his image among women.

Trump's daughter, Ivanka, who gave birth last week, is also scheduled to be back on the campaign trail in time for the New York primaries on April 19.

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