Melania Trump Reassures Voters That Her Husband 'Treats Everyone Equal'

Melania Trump could be her husband's secret weapon.

Donald Trump introduced his secret weapon to supporters at a campaign rally on Monday night -- his wife, Melania.

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The former model took to the stage at a rally in Milwaukee to praise her husband and, after polls showed his low ratings among women, she tried to reassure voters.

"No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal," she said.

“I'm very proud of him. He's hard worker, he's kind, he has a great heart,” she continued.

And she got a big response when she said: “As you may know by now, when you attack him he will punch back ten times harder.”

Melania, an immigrant from Slovenia, was on stage for only about two minutes. As she left, a protester disrupted the proceedings, reportedly throwing an egg.

Trump is hoping his 45-year-old wife will help boost his appeal to women in Tuesday’s crucial Wisconsin primary.

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It comes following his comments on abortion, his public battle with Ted Cruz after he retweeted an unflattering picture of his wife and his unwavering support for his campaign manager, who has been charged with battery on a female reporter.

Body language expert Tonya Reiman told IE that Melania was: "very poised" shen she was stumping. "She has really nice body language because she used to be a model. She makes eye contact with the crowd, she smiles, she is engaging."

Following the rally, the Trump's spoke to Fox News' Sean Hannity who was in Milwaukee. Reiman said Melania's body language was different.

"She keeps pulling back, shrugging her shoulders – those are all indicators someone is feeling the pressure," Reiman explained.  

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