Two of Tiger's Mistresses Go Under the Knife Together

Two of Tiger Woods's mistresses, Jocelyn James and Jamie Jungers, have not only become friends but are now getting plastic surgery together. INSIDE EDITION was there during the surgeries.

Two of Tiger Woods ex-mistresses are actually getting plastic surgery...together!

And get this...they're going under the knife just days before the one-year anniversary when Tiger crashed his SUV outside his Orlando mansion, exposing his secret life with a long list of mistresses that ultimately destroyed his marriage.

Jocelyn James is a former adult film star who claimed that Tiger twice got her pregnant. James said, "I've gone through, you know, so much over the last year, and so has Jamie."

Jamie Jungers is a former Las Vegas cocktail waitress and model. Jungers said, "I think he'd be pretty shocked, particularly that we're hanging out together."

Now they've become friends and scheduled plastic surgery together with Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Glenn Vallecillos.

Dr. Vallecillos said, "I never thought I'd be operating on Tiger Woods's mistresses."

Both women want breast implants. James has had them before, but one of her implants has hardened and she now has scar tissue.

James said, "I'm not trying to be perfect, I just want to be a better version of me."

A nervous Jamie Jungers has never had breast implants, and James is by her side to give advice.

Jungers said, "I hope to do more swimsuit ads, more modeling in general."

INSIDE EDITION was there as James's surgery was performed first. She spent almost two hours on the operating table.

After James was wheeled out of surgery, Jungers visited her in the recovery room.

James said, "I'm really excited for you."

Junger replied, "I'm really nervous though."

Jamie's breast implant surgery was also completed in under two hours. She was excited about going from a size 32-A to a 32-C.

Dr. Vallecillos said, "I think they're both going to be real happy."

Now two of Tiger's ex-mistresses will have something new in common.