Villanova Hero Scores Incredible Buzzer Beater To Defeat Brother's Team

The win comes with even bigger bragging rights for Kris Jenkins because his brother, Nate Britt, plays for North Carolina.

Villanova basketball star Kris Jenkins became an overnight sensation after sinking a three-point winning shot on Monday night to beat UNC and win the NCAA championship.

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But for the game's hero, Monday night’s win comes with even bigger bragging rights -- his brother Nate Britt plays for North Carolina.

“For our team to make it to this point to make it for the win, it’s a story book ending,” Jenkins told reporters after the game.

Britt told USA Today following the game: “I'm going to be happy for him for that, but at the same time this hurt. Villanova had a great game, but for him to hit the shot, bragging rights probably for the rest of our lives. For him to close the deal like that makes it hurt a little bit more."

Jenkins and Britt met at a basketball camp when they were just 11 and quickly became friends.

Jenkins was later adopted by Britt's mother, Melody. She had special shirts made for the historic game. On the front of her shirt was Britt's jersey, while Jenkins' was on the back.

Here's the shirt Nate Britt & Kris Jenkins mom will wear during tonight's game! Modeled by their sister Natalia.

April 4, 2016

The incredible buzzer beater came just seconds after North Carolina tied the game with a shocking three-pointer of their own.

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Nova fans, watching the game on campus, erupted in cheers whenJenkins sunk a three-pointer for his team with milliseconds to spare. Villanova head Coach Jerry Wright was in total shock after the shot.

It became Villanova’s first NCAA basketball championship in 31 years.

On campus outside Philadelphia, Villanova students took to the streets in a frenzy of excitement. Classes were canceled on Tuesday so the party continued.

Carolina players and fans were left in disbelief. Among them, Michael Jordan, a former North Carolina player, couldn’t believe the finish either and sat in disbelief in the stands.

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