Newly Hatched Penguins Are Named After Their Keepers' Favorite Potato Chips

The rare birds are named after popular British snacks.

Four penguin chicks recently hatched at Great Britain’s Chester Zoo and their keepers named them after their favorite potato chips.

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The Humboldt penguins were named Wotsit, Quaver, Frazzle and Cheeto after popular British crisp brands.

This is not the first time keepers at the zoo have named chicks after their favorite things. They've previously drawn inspiration from British Olympians, chocolate bars and curries.

The keepers have been carefully carrying out daily checks on the newborns to track their weight and development.

“It’s vital that chicks take on-board enough nourishment each and every day in these early stages and so, in order to keep a close eye on their development, we weigh them on our tiny set of scales," said keeper Anne Morris.

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“So far, our new arrivals are doing very, very well and so they won’t stay so small for long. In the next few weeks we expect them to more than triple in size and weight!”

Humboldt penguins are native to South America and the species is threatened due to climate change, raising acidity levels in the ocean and over-fishing, according to the zoo.

Morris said: “Humboldt penguins are becoming increasingly rare. Of the world’s 17 penguin species, they are now among the most at risk, so it’s very important to us that our tiny arrivals create more awareness for these amazing birds.”

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