Firefighter and His Wife Host An Explosive Gender Reveal With Colored Fireworks

When a Canadian couple found out they were pregnant, they decided to find out the baby's gender with a bang.

Talk about an explosive gender reveal!

When Monica Driscoll from Falmouth, Halifax was pregnant with her second child, her husband, Graham wanted to find out the baby's gender with a bang.

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Graham Driscoll, who works as a fireworks technician part time, told that he had already been sure his wife was pregnant with a girl, even though she thought it would be a boy.

"If it was up to me to pick my perfect family," Graham Driscoll speculated, "I would have wanted an older boy and a younger girl."

To find out for sure, he contacted the fireworks company who runs the local shows.

"We're going to use a page out of the Acme playbook," Graham Driscoll can be heard joking in the video.

He entrusted the company with the gender information, who then gave the family colored fireworks corresponding to the gender of their baby.

Monica and Graham Driscoll, along with their 2-year-old son Bennett, set up on a farmer's field, down the road from their home.

Graham Driscoll told that consumer grade fireworks are perfectly legal in their town. He even manipulated them to be fired electronically.

But he was wrought with twice the anticipation. Graham Driscoll said he was "double nervous" as he prepared to find out the gender of his baby, and had to make sure the fireworks show went according to plan.

Moments later, the video shows the skies over Halifax exploding in bright pink streaks.

"It was surreal for a moment," Driscoll said, until he and his wife finally registered that they were having a baby girl.

Graham Driscoll said to that even though almost 20 of their closest friends and family were there to cheer them on, at least two or three other cars pulled up, noticing the celebration.

"Lots of rubbernecking going on," Graham Driscoll laughed.

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Even though little Bennett didn't quite understand the fireworks, Graham Driscoll said he loved the show: "He guessed little sister. [but] he was more ecstatic that there were fireworks."

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