Watch O.J. Simpson Prank Members of the Public on Long-Forgotten TV Show

Simpson made the show in 2006 in an attempt to get his career back on track.

Lost O.J. Simpson tapes from 2006 are being revived online.

The former NFL great was desperate to make money and put his career back on track a decade ago, and made a long-forgotten TV show called Juiced.

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Thanks to the hit FX drama The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story reigniting fascination with the case, Juiced is being revived online as O.J. Simpson Ungloved: The Lost Tapes.

It was a rip-off of Ashton Kutcher’s then popular MTV show Punk'd. Each segment of Juiced ended with Simpson telling unsuspecting targets: “You’ve been juiced.”

The show had bits were he delivered pizza, pretended to be a rapper and even sold a white Bronco at a used car dealership in Vegas – he even autographed a bullet hole in the vehicle.

There was uproar over plans for the Pay-Per-View show, and Juiced was junked.

Juiced’s producer Rick Mahr says Simpson, who is now in prison for a 2007 Las Vegas robbery, is not making money from the project.

"We were tasked in creating an outrageous reality hidden camera TV show," he said. "I think we accomplished that." 

On Monday night, at a special screening of the finale of the FX bioseries, the stars of show spoke about their experience.

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John Travolta, who plays defense attorney Robert Shapiro, told IE he believes the trial will resonate for decades to come.

“I didn't know the judicial system was so broken at this level,” he said. “Like any historical tragedy, whether it's the Kennedys or Martin Luther King, it bears some truth that's not revealed. You are captivated by it.”

Cuba Gooding Jr., who plays Simpson, revealed it was so painful to play him he hasn't watched a single episode of his blockbuster performance.

“I'm not ready to. It’s not an enjoyable exercise for me to watch the show,” he said.

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