Couple Breaks Down in Tears When They Meet Adopted Son After Trying to Conceive for 7 Years

"I'm at this place of peace," the new-mom said. "If we don't ever have biological kids, we're okay with that."

A Texas couple struggled for seven long years with starting a family until last week -- they welcomed home their new baby boy, all the way from Taiwan.

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Cary and Ryan Ray from Plainview, Texas married when they were 22. According to Cary, they were "just babies growing up together."

"When you get married, you want to start a family, and you think it's going to happen easily," Cary Ray told But, time and time again they were disappointed.

For the next seven years, Ray said she tried holistic methods, Western medicine, different surgeries, and many different doctors, but every month, a pregnancy test reminded her that her attempts to have a baby were unsuccessful.

"It was just discouraging. You begin questioning, 'Maybe I'm not supposed to have kids,'" Ray said, "maybe God knows something I don't."

Ray said that even though she had kept adoption in mind all these years, she had still been hoping for luck with a biological child: "We started taking [adoption] a little more seriously the further into infertility we got."

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The couple had been sitting across the dinner table from some of Ryan's work friends when other couples began discussing their own journey with infertility, and their own experiences with adoption.

"We decided that was our sign," Ray said, and they invested their efforts in the adoption process.

Ray told that they began sleeping with their cell phones on every night since beginning the adoption process in 2013. They wanted to be prepared for a call at any hour of the night.

On May 6, 2015, the couple finally received the early morning phone call. Ray said her husband tapped her and said, "Wake up right now, this is it."

They immediately began getting dressed, suddenly realizing they had nowhere to go, and they needed to call the agency.

"They told us they had a little boy for us, and asked if we'd like him to be our son," Ray said. "It's like we've been in a season for so long of this wanting to be parents, and wanting to love a child in our home. The transition from that and receiving a phone call was really overwhelming, and it almost felt surreal."

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They first visited the Taiwan orphanage in January, where Candlight Films was able to capture their full reaction: "It was so emotional, clearly! We're ugly crying."

She remembered that it was a cold, cloudy day. They climbed to the top story of the Taiwan orphanage, and Beau was brought to the couple, bundled up.

Ray said that was when reality finally sank in: "This moment is real. He's real, and we really get to be his parents. Best day ever."

Her husband had to fly back to Texas after a five day visit, but Ray said she and her mom stayed at the orphanage with her new son for the next five weeks, where she got to know Beau.

"He has this crazy belly laugh," she told "He laughs so hysterically. He's just happy to be alive and be a baby."

Last Thursday, the couple was finally able to bring their baby boy home. Inspired by his Chinese name meaning 'river', the couple renamed the 15-month-old River Beau Ray.

So far, Ray said the last few days have been spent watching River Beau adjust to his new life and "just witnessing this little human seeing all these new things."

She said some of River Beau's new experiences included feeling grass for the first time, eating food he has never eaten before, and meeting their dog: "We have a really huge dog, and he'd never seen an animal up close at all."

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While River Beau has not yet spoken his first words, he loves repeating, "dada".

"I'm at this place of peace," the new-mom said. "If we don't ever have biological kids, we're okay with that."

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