Mom Skateboards While Pushing Her Son in a Stroller, Insists He Wasn't in Danger

It's an impressive balancing act.

Meet "the raddest mom ever."

That's what one fan dubbed Maria Oberloher after she shared an Instagram video showing how she effortlessly kickflips her skateboard while pushing her eight-month-old son, Luan, in his stroller.

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The video has been liked nearly 3,000 times - and her followers aren't the only fans.

"My son likes it and he falls asleep when he is tired," Oberloher, who lives in Germany, told

While most viewers applauded her savvy parenting, some questioned it.

"Put yourself at risk, not other people," read one comment on Facebook. "That should cover babies too."

But Oberloher told IE that her son was never in danger.

"I would never risk my baby," she said. "It was only a slow kickflip. And Daddy was next to us!"

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Now this hip mom, who started skateboarding about nine years ago, is hoping the talent runs in the family. Little Luan already has a skateboard, which a friend gave him when he was born.

"It's a mini one," his mom said.

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