Some Say TSA Searches Too Invasive

Many travelers are up in arms over new TSA security procedures. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Controversial new video shows a child was stripped to the waist as he was searched at an airport by TSA agents.

Three TSA agents stood by as the boy was patted down at Salt Lake City airport.  

His father removed the shirt out of frustration to convince agents the child was not concealing anything.
The new video, shot by college student Luke Tait, has gone viral.

"What are you thinking as all of this is unfolding before you?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Tait.

"I'm thinking this is crazy. I mean, we're looking basically right here at a young boy with no shirt on getting patted down by TSA agents," said Tait.

He told INSIDE EDITION TSA agents asked him to erase his video, but he refused.

The video is just one of a growing number of incidents outraging the nation over the new, some say intrusive, security measures.

A retired teacher who had bladder cancer says an agent's probing fingers broke the seal on his urostomy bag, leaving him covered in his own urine.

"My underwear had been dropped to the floor I'm standing in front of her in my underwear and had to ask to pull it up," said Thomas Sawyer.

And an ABC News producer said she was humiliated during an airport pat down.

"The woman who checked me reached her hands inside my underwear and felt her way around. It was basically worse than going to the gynecologist," she said.
TSA administrator John Pistole, a former FBI agent, says the searches will continue.   

"What it comes down to is that balance and obviously, great concern over anybody who has felt like they have not been treated properly," Pistole said.

And Al-Qaeda's propaganda magazine Inspire gloats that it has succeeded in spreading fear in the West, forcing the United States and other nations to "invest billions of dollars in new security procedures."

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said don't look for the pat down policy to change anytime soon.