How Accurate Is The O.J. Simpson Miniseries Finale?

INSIDE EDITION separates fact from fiction in the FX show.

The finale of The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story showed the shocking verdict that divided America.

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Actual news footage was used to show how some celebrated and some were horrified by Simpson’s acquittal of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

The blockbuster FX series ended on Tuesday night, but which of its revelations are fact and which are fiction?

It's true that deputies at the jail where Simpson was being held were friendly and even asked for his autograph. A moment like that was depicted as Cuba Gooding Jr., who played Simpson, was getting ready to head to court and hear the verdict.

In the same scene, the camera showed “OJ Was Here” scrawled on the wall of his cell. It is not known if that was accurate.

It's true that the verdict was leaked by deputies guarding the jurors.

Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran is shown coming up with his famous line: "if it doesn't fit you must acquit” in his office - that's false. It was dreamed up by another member of defense team.

After the verdict was read, the series showed a male black juror giving a clenched fist salute to Simpson. That actually did happen in the court.

When District Attorney Gil Garcetti was giving a post-trial press conference in the series, a reporter asked: “Are you going to look for the real killer?” That is false. 

David Schwimmer, who played Robert Kardashian, was shown vomiting after the acquittal. It's true he did have doubts about his friend's innocence and even apologized to his ex-wife Kris Jenner who was friends with Nicole Brown.

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It’s true Simpson was paid $400,000 for the photo rights to his celebration party when he returned home.

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