See Inside The Rundown Utah Town That's Home to Warren Jeffs' Polygamist Church

The streets were empty when INSIDE EDITION visited Hildale, Utah.

Hildale, Utah was the homebase for Warren Jeffs' notorious polygamist church. But today, with Jeffs serving a life sentence behind bars, Hildale's streets and buildings are empty.

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INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret visited the ghost town where even city hall is shut down.

"When you drive into town you are really struck by two things," Moret said. "First, the lack of people on the streets. We have not seen anyone walking the sidewalks. Secondly, almost every home here has a high fence or a high wall." 

Even the gas station in the center of town is closed for business.

Not many residents remain apart from women in prairie dresses. When Moret tried to speak to them, they would not answer. 

The visit came ahead of April 6 - the day Jeffs' followers believe the world will come to an end.

Tonia Tewell runs Holding Out HELP, which helps people leave the church. She spoke about the belief that the world is going to come to an end on April 6.

"The church says that the world is going to come to an end except for the righteous and people that are devout followers of Warren Jeffs," Tewell said. "The sad thing is, is that when the world does not end, they will blame it on the people and say: 'You are not pure enough, here are a bunch of new rules you have to follow.'" 

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Town attorney Jeff Matura told IE: "There was a zoo, there used to be several parks, there was a pizza parlor, families would walk the streets, kids would play in the park. What happened is the whole nature of the community has changed because people are losing their homes." 

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