Ivanka Trump Returns to the Campaign Trail 10 Days After Giving Birth to Her Third Child

Ivanka looked radiant as she spoke to the crowd of 10,000.

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka got a rapturous reception on Long Island on Wednesday night as she returned to the campaign trail to stump for her father.

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Just 10 days after giving birth to her third child, Theodore James, Ivanka looked amazing as she warmed up the huge crowd of about 10,000 who welcomed the Republican front-runner back to New York.

Once her father took the stage, he received a thunderous applause as he said: “This is home! It's great to be home. We love New York!”

He played to the Long Island crowd and said he loved playing golf at the Bethpage State Park course.

“I love these people,” he said. “These are my people.”

There was thousands of Trump supporters gathered at a massive sound stage at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, New York. Security was very tight with police snipers on the roof and helicopters in the air.

Protesters were mostly kept outside, however, some of them made it inside.

Demonstrators were removed three times during Trump's appearance. He seemed to take a different tone with the Long Island crowd and urged restraint.

“Don’t hurt them,” he repeatedly said.

He also told security to be “be gentle” with the protesters but “get them out.”

In his 37-minute speech, Trump touched on many of the issues that have made him a hot button candidate – illegal immigration, ISIS and keeping jobs in America.

He also found time to make a quip at Republican rival Ted Cruz, saying: “I think you can forget about him.”

Trump also fired a zinger against Hillary Clinton: “How bad is Hillary, how bad? . . . I will beat Hillary so badly in the general election. . . . Believe me, it will be fun. And we haven’t started on her yet. Maybe with the email scandal, something is going to happen."

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The latest Monmouth University poll puts Trump at 52 percent in New York. John Kasich is second with 25 percent and Ted Cruz is in third with 17 percent.

The Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, also toured New York on Wednesday. All candidates are making a big push to sway the state’s voters ahead of the April 19 primary.

Clinton was a former New York Senator and Sanders grew up in Brooklyn, both candidates have deep roots in the Empire state.

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