Malnourished Monkey Reportedly Lived in Dark Hole Without Water for 25 Years

A monkey who lived in a dark hole in Thailand has been rescued by a wildlife foundation.

A malnourished monkey who reportedly lived in a dark hole in Thailand for 25 years has been rescued by a wildlife foundation and is now living in a sanctuary.

The monkey, whose name is Joe, lived between two buildings in a Bangkok slum. He had no water, and was unable to climb or walk because his cage was so small.

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Edwin Wiek, founder of the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, was notified about the poor macaque's condition and writes that it was one of the worst cases his ever seen in his 17 years of rescuing animals.

Wiek spoke to the owner of the monkey, who was happy to give him up.

Rescuers sedated Joe and worked quickly to tear down the little box he called home for all those years. The organization said they found rats and dirt covering the floor.

Joe was dehydrated, his teeth were nearly ruined and most of his muscle tissue was gone. He was brought to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Sanctuary.

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After only a few days, he began moving around at his new home, but he's still too weak to climb. Joe has begun speaking with his monkey neighbors.

The typical lifespan for macaque is just 35 years; the sanctuary hopes that Joe will be able to have a few happier years living at the sanctuary.

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