'Evolution of Dance' Star Debuts New Video for 10th Anniversary

Now, the comedian challenges Jimmy Fallon, who has done five parodies of his routine, to an Evolution of Dance-off.

Exactly ten years ago, The Evolution of Dance took the internet by storm.

Judson Laipply, a comedian from Ohio, had no idea what to expect when he first released one of the world's first viral videos on April 6, 2006.

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In a YouTube video, he said to his viewers that when The Evolution of Dance first came out, YouTube was a "little known website."

He only uploaded the video on it to pull the embedding code for his MySpace profile.

Even so, over 300 million viewers watched as he covered legendary dance moves.

He can be seen twisting to the twist, following choreography to Grease Lightning, getting on the floor to do the snake, and even emanating the iconic puppet scene from Bye Bye Bye.

More of a metal head? Not to worry- he covered the classic head bang as part of his six-minute compilation.

Now, exactly ten years later, he released the third installment in the series, appropriately entitled The Evolution of Dance 3.

His main focus this time is songs released in the mid-to-late 2000s, to target an audience that might not have recognized all the dances he recreated ten years ago.

"(This is) for the younger generation," Laipply told InsideEdition.com, saying it, "also still has some good stuff in it that the older generation would love."

This time, he shakes his hips to Shakira, invites the single ladies on stage with a Beyoncé song, does the Nae Nae and even ends with an unexpected dab.

"People can say all they want," Laipply said. "Whether they like it or they don't like it, but everybody knows what that is."

What's next for The Evolution of Dance? Perhaps the question would be better aimed at Jimmy Fallon, who Laipply said has already done five parodies of his classic video.

"I'm officially calling Jimmy Fallon out," Laipply announced to IE.com, challenging The Tonight Show host to an Evolution of Dance dance-off.

"It's about time he has the real dancer on."