Murdered University of Texas Student Identified as Dancer Haruka Weiser

A student who was found brutally murdered at the school has been identified.

A college student has been found brutally murdered at the University of Texas.

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Haruka Weiser's body was found in a creek near the university's football stadium Tuesday. But the 18-year-old’s identity has been withheld until Thursday afternoon.

Surveillance video has surfaced of a man with a bicycle police say they want to interview about Weiser’s murder.

A university spokesman says the freshman was murdered with "unthinkable brutality"

Weiser was last seen Sunday night and lived at a dorm on campus.

University president Greg Fenves said in a statement: “The University of Texas is a community, it is a family. When a tragedy like this occurs on our campus, in our home we have to come together and watch out for each other and support each other while the investigation is ongoing,"

The grisly discovery has sent a wave of terror across the campus of 51,000 students. Female students have been told to be extra vigilant and not to wear ear buds while walking and always walk in pairs.

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Weiser was from Portland, Oregon, and was studying theater and dance.

It is the first murder at the famous university since sniper Charles Whitman shot 14 people dead from the university tower in 1966.

Now, 50 years later, tragedy has struck again.

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