Is This the Most Poorly Designed House in America?

A photo of a hilarious design flaw at a North Carolina home is blowing up the Internet.

A North Carolina home may be the most poorly designed house in America.

In a photo of the home that has been shared all over the web, the driveway leads right up to the window.

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The garage is on the other side of the house!

To park your car in the garage, you'd have to drive over the curb and then over your own lawn.

The photo, first posted on Reddit, is now blowing up the Internet.

We showed the photo to real estate agent Josh Flagg, cohost of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo.  

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“Nobody would ever build a home that way. It makes no sense. There’s got to be a reason,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

The photo was posted without any information as to its location. But INSIDE EDITION did some sleuthing and tracked it down to the village of Clemmons, North Carolina.

Good luck selling this house!

There is no word yet if the builder is plans to change the house designs. 

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