Wedding Day for Man Who Cut Off His Own Arm

The man who cut off his own arm after being trapped under a furnace for three days just got married, and he's got a new robotic arm for that very special day. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The man who cut off his own arm to save his life gets married! Underneath his tuxedo jacket is an incredible robotic arm made especially for his wedding day.

31-year-old Jonathan Metz even had two left hands in case he needed a spare. It's amazing how lifelike the hand, which pops into a socket on his robotic arm, looks.

Prosthetist Troy Farnsworth designed the incredible robotic arm.

"How amazing was it for you to be such an important part of this wedding day?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Farnsworth.

"To see his dreams fulfilled and to be part of that experience, it will be something I will remember the rest of my life," he said.

Metz was repairing the furnance at his home in West Hartford, Connecticut, last June when his left arm became pinned underneath. After three days of suffering, he did what he had to do with a saw blade to free himself.

His drastic action echoes the new movie 127 Hours. It's the true story of a rock climber who also cut off his arm to save his life.

Metz told reporters at a news conference he thought about his fiancee, Melissa, throughout his agonizing ordeal.

"What put me over the top throughout this whole thing was thinking about family, fiancee, friends," said Metz.

He was determined to put two arms around Melissa when they were married in New Orleans in early November.

Here's how he did it. Doctors designed the robotic arm especially for him using a laser to make a computer model of his shoulder.

Metz learned how to use his new arm by practicing with a broom, and he even learned how to cut a piece of steak.

At the wedding, Metz was able to toast his bride with his new robotic arm.