Single Mom Gets Incredible Backyard Transformation: 'It Was Just Completely Overgrown'

She knew the backyard would need upkeep, but between raising her daughters and having her best friend pass away, gardening became secondary.

A single mother got the surprise of her life when her backyard received a dramatic transformation.

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Cori Quick from Ventura, California, said she and her two daughters moved into their new home in December.

She knew the backyard would need some upkeep, but between raising her daughters, ages eight and nine, and her best friend passing away in January, Quick told that gardening quickly became secondary to her other responsibilities.

"All my energy was kind of in that direction," said Quick. "I woke up one day and it was just completely overgrown. I was overwhelmed thinking I've gotta get this started."

The company, Viva Brand, then knew that Quick would be the perfect candidate for a backyard transformation.

For a campaign to "unleash clean" for families in need, Viva teamed up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ventura, as well as the Avenue Thrift and Vintage store, and posted a video of the journey on their Facebook page.

Viva told they spent months collecting used and unwanted appliances and home furnishings. They then gave each item a good scrubbing, and figured out what would fit in Quick's backyard. The rest of the items were donated to various families in the area.

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Quick said they also did well in giving the backyard a good landscaping: "I wanted some cleaning up and adding some color, so the team put in some beautiful flowers and plants."

But Quick got much more than a spring freshening up.

Viva brought in Monica Potter, an actress from Parenthood, to help transform the outdoor space into one the family would be happy to use.

From the thrift store's donations, they set up a dining area, a sitting area with a fire pit, and even an activity area for the girls, complete with a cornhole game and a bubble machine. The team even donated bikes to Quick's daughters.

With the temptation of the new backyard, Quick can hardly get her girls to get dressed for school: "It's not even light out and she wants to play in the backyard."

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"Before, I didn't feel comfortable saying, 'Come over to barbecue,'" Quick said. "Now, we'll use it every day. We'll barbecue and have friends and family over. My kids will have their friends over and have plenty to do in the backyard. No one will be tempted to be inside."

"It's definitely a game changer," Quick said.

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