Couples See What They Will Look Like 50 Years Older

Thanks to a transformation by a make up artist, couples were given a glimpse into the future, complete with grey beards and creases on their foreheads.

Say goodbye to your anti-wrinkle cream.

This makeup artist decided to defy all beauty conventions by aging her friends 50 years. The catch? Their significant others were given the makeover too.

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YouTuber Stephanie Nadia told she wanted to show her friends what it would look like to be with their significant other 50 years from now.

"It's an overwhelming feeling to get a glimpse into their future," Nadia told

In the video, Nadia recreated the wrinkles in their foreheads down to the creases on their necks. Some of her friends were given grey wigs, others had their beards tinted grey.

"There were moments when I caught myself, as I worked, staring at them as I watched a friend just age before my eyes."

Nadia said the process took about four hours for each couple.

But once she was done, their reactions were priceless.

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While some of the people involved looked in the mirror after the transformation and thought, "that's creepy," it was all smiles and laughter when they turned to their significant others.

"You look so good!" the same man said to his partner.

"Yeah, I can see myself with her," he said, looking at his significant other's future self.

"He doesn't even look old," one woman said to her significant other, "it's great!"

"You look extremely old," he replied, laughing.

"There was a lot of laughter and kissing," Nadia said. "I did expect that. It was the sweetest thing."

Nadia told that one couple loved the transformation so much, they even went home in their elderly disguises.

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She said while she had practiced aging herself with make up before, this is the first time she ever attempted the same transformation on her friends.

But the experiment was a success.

When each couple asked if they still wanted to be together, they each responded a resounding, "yes!"

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