Watch One-Legged Gymnast Do Cartwheels, Flips on Balance Beam

A 16-year-old gymnast with one leg shows off her incredible skills on the balance beam.

It's hard enough to balance on a beam with two legs, but 16-year-old Kate Foster can easily do it with just one.

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She does cartwheels and flips without ever losing her balance.

Foster has been a competitive gymnast since she was seven years old. Four years ago, when she was just 11, she received the news that she had leukemia.

Her parents were devastated.

During her cancer treatments, Foster got two infections in her left leg. Her doctor prepared them for the worst and said: “she might not make it.”

Foster made the brave choice: "it was either my leg or my life."

She had her leg amputated but she wasn't willing to slow down.

"I decided I was going back to gymnastics, I was going to do what I loved,” she said.

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With a clean bill of health, Foster learned how to walk on a prosthetic and as soon as she could, she was back on the mat and balance beam. 

She has a message for anyone trying to overcome an obstacle: "if you're willing to work for what it takes, you can do anything."

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