Uproar Over New TSA Procedures Continues

Controversy grows over new invasive TSA security checks as the busiest travel day of the year approaches. INSIDE EDITION reports.

America's airports are bracing for a threatened passenger revolt. Passenger rights groups are calling on travelers to opt out of full body scans Wednesday, November 24th, which would cause chaos on the busiest travel day of the year.

So just what are TSA agents allowed to do during those pat downs? INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander went to LaGuardia Airport in New York with security expert James O'Neill.

But TSA agents are not supposed to remove clothing, or put their hands beneath clothing.
"Can a TSA agent put their hands inside your clothing?" asked Alexander.

"No," said O'Neill

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa underwent a body scan at LAX, hoping to encourage people to use the machines.

CBS news anchor Katie Couric weighed in on the controversy in her online notebook, saying the extra security may be worthwhile.

"This year the TSA kept 130 weapons and other dangerous items off our flights. That's worth a bit of discomfort," she said.

The TSA says only 3% of passengers get pulled aside for pat down screening.