Lacey Spears, Mom Convicted of Murdering 5-Year-Old Son With Salt: 'I Didn't Kill My Son'

In an exclusive CBS interview, Lacey Spears insists she didn't murder her son, despite her court conviction.

A mother convicted of killing her five-year-old son with an overdose of salt is denying that she ended his life.

“I didn't kill my son. I didn't murder him. I didn't poison him. I didn't harm him in anyway,” Lacey Spears told 48 Hours in an exclusive interview.

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Asked what hurts her the most, she said: “That I stand here accused of murder -- murdering my own little five-year-old little boy, which I did not do.”

Spears was a mom from suburban New York, who detailed her son Garnett's medical woes on her popular blog.

Experts believe she has the psychological disorder, Munchausen syndrome by proxy, and which prosecutors say led her to harm her own child.

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Dr. Marc Feldman, a psychiatrist, told INSIDE EDITION: “She reached out to get sympathy and care and concern," which he said is common of patients who suffer from Munchausen syndrome by proxy. "And she certainly got it," he said. 

Spears said, “I do not have Munchhausen by proxy. I did not hurt him in any way."

She was convicted of feeding him lethal doses of salt through a feeding tube in his stomach.

“I took him to the hospital for help.  If I wanted to harm him, why would I take him to a hospital seeking help?” she asked.

Asked how her son died, she said, “His death certificate says ‘homicide.’”  

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